Luxury dog boarding

A Home Away from Home

At D Pet Hotels Hollywood, we understand that leaving your pet behind can be a challenging experience. That’s why we’ve created a dog boarding experience that goes beyond the ordinary, offering your beloved pet a luxurious retreat that feels like a home away from home. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to provide the ultimate in comfort, care, and enjoyment for your dog, ensuring peace of mind for you.

our mission

Excellence in Pet Care

At D Pet Hotels Hollywood, our mission transcends beyond mere pet care. We strive to create an environment where luxury, comfort, and the highest standards of service converge to offer an unparalleled experience for your pet. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our operations, from our state-of-the-art facilities to our comprehensive suite of services designed to cater to every need of our distinguished guests.

  • Standard Suites: Spacious and comfortable, providing a serene space for your pet to rest and relax.
  • VIP Suites: Offering the pinnacle of luxury, these suites include additional amenities such as private TVs, premium bedding, and personalized attention.


All-Inclusive Pricing

We are Hollywood's only all-inclusive pet hotel!


The Standard Suites are (4’x9’) in size and feature an orthopedic Kuranda dog bed and glass doors



The Sensational Suites feature a proper sized twin bed and a TV

+$20 Upgrade


The Uber Suites feature a queen bed and a TV

+$41 Upgrade​

Personalized Care
and Attention

We believe that every pet is unique, and their care during their stay should reflect their individual needs and preferences. Our dedicated team of pet care professionals is committed to providing personalized attention, ensuring that your dog’s routine is maintained, and their specific needs are met. From feeding schedules to exercise routines and everything in between, we tailor our care to your pet’s comfort and happiness.

Engaging Activities
and Socialization

Dog boarding at D Pet Hotels Hollywood is not just about providing a place to stay; it’s about creating an enriching experience for your pet. Our facilities include expansive indoor dog parks where your pet can play, explore, and socialize with other dogs under the watchful eyes of our trained staff. We also offer a variety of engaging activities and play sessions designed to keep your pet active and happy.

Health and Safety First

The health and safety of our guests are our top priorities. Our facilities are equipped with advanced ventilation systems, ensuring a clean and healthy environment. We adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, with regular sanitization of all areas. Additionally, our staff is trained to monitor the well-being of each guest closely, and we have protocols in place to address any health concerns promptly.

Peace of Mind for You

We understand the importance of staying connected with your pet, even when you’re apart. That’s why we offer regular updates, including photos and videos, so you can see how much fun your pet is having during their stay. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have, providing you with the assurance that your pet is in the best hands.

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