D PET HOTELS comes out of the box with such an innovative apprAt D PET HOTELS HOLLYWOOD, we have built a legacy of extraordinary amenities and services for your Distinguished/Dog! Setting the standard as Los Angeles' most exclusive luxury Spa and Resort, D Pet Hotels prides itself as the absolute best and most experienced dog care facility available today.




Bad Dog Good Dog LA sets out to help dogs and their owners build and strengthen their bond. Using positive reinforced training, we look to assist dog owners understand how their dog thinks on a daily basis. Guiding the owners on how to train their dogs, we hope to subside any behavior issues the dog may have, that stops their owners from loving them to their full potential.

Bad Dog Good Dog LA was developed by one of our very own staff members, Kenny Hills. Kenny began working with dogs when he was 14 years old and has worked in shelters, focused on behavior modification, and socialization of dogs from his own rescue. He set out to help these same dogs that he has rescued, by giving them a start on training to make them more adoptable. Kenny implements not just one method, but various training disciplines to help these one time abandoned dogs find loving new homes. Now Kenny is applying his extensive toolbox of training experience to the doggies of D Pet Hotels Hollywood!

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